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How do I apply for grant of representation?

The grant of representation is court-issued and allows the legal representatives to deal with their loved one’s estate.

The grant of representation can take different forms. This depends on whether an individual passes away with or without a will and who is applying for the grant.

  • A grant of probate will only be issued to the legal representatives named in the will
  • Letters of administration are issued to the next of kin of an individual who passes away without a will

The type of grant of representation we request will also depend on which country the late shareholders investment was incorporated in.

Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man Grants of Representation

If the shares are held in a company that is domiciled in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man we will require the relevant grant of representation from these jurisdictions. We are unable to register a UK grant of representation on these companies.

If you are not applying for a Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man grant of representation, you may be able to use our Offshore small estates package, see What Do I Need To Do.

Commonwealth Grants of Representation

If you are sending us a grant of representation issued in Australia, South Africa or any country where the Colonial Probate Act of 1892 applies, please make sure it is resealed in a court in the United Kingdom before you send it to us.  If it has been issued in any other country, you must apply for a grant of representation in the United Kingdom.

Scottish documents – Certificate of Confirmation

In Scotland, the grant of probate and letters of administration are known as a certificate of confirmation.

Sometimes, the person dealing with the estate will miss assets off the certificate of confirmation.  If more possessions are found (like more shares) after the document has been issued a follow up document called an EIK to confirmation will be issued covering what possessions had been missed.  An EIK is issued by the Scottish Court only after full confirmation has been produced.  We will need this document before we can update the register of members.

There are several ways you can apply for grant of representation:

  • Make a personal application at the probate registry. Find more details here
  • Speak to a professional who can make an application on your behalf

Contact our partners at Co-op legal Services for further support and guidance relating to grant of representations, wills or anything else relating to bereavement.

Co-op Legal Services bereavement support

We’ll help you with your loved one’s shares but Co-op Legal Services can support with other practical steps, from stopping junk mail through to full estate administration and probate support.

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