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How do I keep, sell or transfer my shares?

How do I keep, sell or transfer my shares?

1.Transfer the shares: As the legal representative on the account, you will have the ability to transfer the shares to either yourself (registered in your own name) or someone else. This will transfer the ownership of the shares to the named person and all future communications and payments will be issued directly to them. please download, complete and return the stock transfer from below along with the valid share certificate(s).

Please be aware that if you choose not to transfer the shares, all future communications and payments will be addressed to 'the executors of the late shareholder', unless you tell us otherwise.If shares are held electronically within a nominee service no share certificate would have been issued. To transfer the shares please contact our specialist team on 0800 181 4702.

2. Sell the shares: you can sell shares via you own bank or broker, alternatively you can sell them via Link market services trustees limited in the following ways:

  • Online – please visit Link Share Dealing Services to sell your shares. You will need to enter some personal details in order to sell your shares. In each case, you’ll need to complete a CREST transfer form to complete your sales instruction.

  • Phone - To sell shares over the phone, please have the surname, date of birth, shareholder reference number (also known as investor code), full postcode of the current registered address, and the valid share certificate(s) (where applicable) attached to your loved one’s account. If more than one executor is entitled to the inherited shares you would like to sell, and an instruction is made, a single payment will be issued to all named executors detailed in the documentation provided. In this case, you will need to have already set up an executor’s bank account that names all beneficiaries. This allows payment through cheque or BACS to be transferred successfully. If you would like the funds to be received in an alternative name please send us a letter of authority signed by all named executors confirming how the sales proceeds should be paid.

  • Post – you can download the below form and return this with your valid share certificate(s) to Link at Central Square, 29 Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 4DL

Co-op Legal Services bereavement support

We’ll help you with your loved one’s shares but Co-op Legal Services can support with other practical steps, from stopping junk mail through to full estate administration and probate support.

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