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How do I replace lost share certificate(s)?

If you can’t find some or all of the share certificates, please call or send us a signed letter. Let us know which certificates you have, or if they’re all missing.

We’ll then cancel the missing certificates to prevent them from being misused and send you a letter of indemnity form for you to complete. We can only issue a letter of indemnity for missing share certificates after we’ve registered the grant of representation or small estates form.

Signing this form means you agree that the company and share registrar who holds your loved one’s shares won’t be held liable for any losses or claims after we issue a duplicate certificate. You’re also confirming that you‘ll send the missing certificates to us if you ever find them.

Depending upon the value of the shares covered by the missing certificates, we may also need you to have the indemnity form guaranteed - sometimes called ‘countersigning’ or ‘arranging cover’. We can usually give this guarantee to support the indemnity. We’ll let you know if we’re able to offer this, and how much it will cost, when you ask us for the letter of indemnity form.

If the letter of indemnity needs to be guaranteed, you also have the option of asking a bank, insurance company or guarantee society to do this for you – they are also likely to charge a fee, which may be different from ours.

We usually charge an administration fee towards the cost of the work involved in processing the letter of indemnity and issuing a replacement share certificate.

Co-op Legal Services bereavement support

We’ll help you with your loved one’s shares but Co-op Legal Services can support with other practical steps, from stopping junk mail through to full estate administration and probate support.

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