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What do I need to know?

We understand that organising the administration of your loved one’s estate can feel like a long and difficult task.

To administer shares that belonged to them, there are some documents and forms that you will need to complete and share with us. These depend on the value of these shares on the date your loved one passed away and the documents you already have.

We hope that our interactive tool below helps you understand everything there is to know, making your experience as simple as possible.

If you do need any more help, our specialist bereavement team are here to guide you.

Use our interactive tool below to guide you through what documents you need to send us or complete

What happens next?

When we receive the initial notification that a shareholder has passed away, we will:

  • Stop any dividend cheques being sent
  • Stop any dividend payments being paid into a registered bank account
  • Deactivate any existing online accounts

Once we have registered the relevant legal document naming your loved one, you will be able to transfer or sell the shares, request the reissue of any outstanding dividend payments and discuss how to find documentation that was previously issued to them.

If you need any guidance around some of the documents mentioned in our process, simply click on the name of the document from the list below:

Alternatively, contact our partners at Co-op Legal Services who will give you free support and advice.

Co-op Legal Services bereavement support

We’ll help you with your loved one’s shares but Co-op Legal Services can support with other practical steps, from stopping junk mail through to full estate administration and probate support.

Co-op Legal Services support